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Here is the “bubble” with which Queen Elizabeth II decided to spend Christmas


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Even the Queen of England is not immune to the restrictions linked to Covid-19.

Each year, members of the royal family traditionally gather in Sandrigham to celebrate Christmas. In the program ? Exchange of gifts, mass at the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine on December 25, followed by a festive meal based on stuffed turkey and pudding before a frenzied session of board games.

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This year, the Windosr unfortunately had to revisit their old traditions. There will no longer be any question of getting together all together, so who will have the privilege of accompanying the Queen to Norfolk? Boris Johnson announced that more than three homes are not allowed to meet for the holidays. Never mind, the Queen, mother of 4 children (Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward), has decided to invite her youngest child as well as his wife, Sophie from Wessex. “Prince Edward and his family will be one of the two homes of his bubble”, thus entrusted the Daily Mail. In The Crown, the famous series on the British royal family, one episode in particular addressed the special relationship between the Queen and Prince Edward, for which she would always have had a small preference.

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Also according to the tabloid, the third household to be invited would be played between Prince Charles, or his grandson William. The Queen would however have managed to find a parade to reunite the whole family: a large part of hunting for a few hours, an outdoor activity that would allow them to meet up to thirty people in total.

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