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Hema Malini Reveals Secret About Dharmendra on Indian idol 12


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Hema Malini opened this secret with Dharmendra

New Delhi :

Indian Idol 12 is breaking all records not only in TRP, but also in terms of presenting the best talent. This weekend Dream Girl Hema Malini will participate in the show, making the Indian Idol atmosphere more entertaining. On this occasion, all the judges were stunned to see Anjali’s strong performance on songs like ‘Aye Dile Naadan’ and ‘Lihe Naina Bole’. After this, Hema Malini also narrated a very interesting anecdote of the time when she and Dharmendra were dating each other. At the same time, both were shooting a song and Hema Malini’s father used to come with him in that shooting, so that he could not spend time alone with Dharmendra.

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Describing that incident, Hema Malini said, ‘Usually my mother or my aunt used to come with me for the shoot, but my father was with me in the shooting of a song, because he was told There was a worry that somewhere me and Dharam ji were not spending time alone. They knew that we were both friends. I remember when we used to go in the car, my father would immediately sit on the seat next to me, but Dharam ji was no less, he used to sit on the other side seat. ‘ Hema Malini will share similar funny stories in the upcoming episode of Indian Idol, and will also get a chance to look into the life of superstars along with singing.


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