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Harry opens up about harassment he and Meghan suffered to warn against social media


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Prince Harry gave an interview to Fast Company in which he once again discusses the dangers of disinformation on social networks.

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Prince Harry makes the fight against the dangers of social networks a “humanitarian cause”. Prince Charles and Diana’s son gave an interview to Fast Company in which he explains how disinformation on the Internet is a serious matter that must be acted upon. To support his point, he referred to the riots that took place on January 6 on Capitol Hill in the United States, led by pro-Trump supporters, far-right activists and conspiratorial supporters of QAnon. ” We’ve seen what happens in the real world when you’re not paying attention to misinformation. There has been a real attack on democracy in the United States, organized on social media, by violent extremism », He explained.

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Living in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their little Archie, Harry took as an example what his couple himself has suffered in recent years. ” I was very surprised to see how my story was told in a certain way, how my wife’s was told in a certain way (…). This false narrative has become the heart of all this harassment. This would never have happened if our story had been told honestly from the start. », He lamented.

“We are all vulnerable to it”

But what’s important about what we’ve been through is that it got us to hear from so many other people around the world. We’ve thought a lot about those in much more vulnerable positions than us, and how there is a need for real empathy and support. On their own scale, each has been deeply affected by the current consequences of the digital space. It could be as individual as seeing a loved one embark on a path of radicalization or as collective as seeing science denied William’s brother explained. And to add: ” We’re all vulnerable to it, that’s why I don’t see it as a technological issue or a political issue – it’s a humanitarian issue “.

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On officially leaving the Royal Family of England, Harry and Meghan have also abandoned their official online accounts. But the couple does not count for all that ” stop connecting to others “. ” We’ll come back to social media when it feels right – maybe when we see more meaningful commitments to change or reform – but right now we’re devoting a lot of our energy to finding out about this space and how we do it. can help To make it better.

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