Home News #HandsOffPorotta trends as Roti vs Parotta GST Slabs debate heat up

#HandsOffPorotta trends as Roti vs Parotta GST Slabs debate heat up

#HandsOffPorotta Trends As Debate On Roti vs Parotta GST Slabs Heats Up

#HandsOffPorotta Trends as Roti vs Parotta GST Slabs debate heats up

Parotta is being taxed at 18 percent under GST, while Roti at 5 percent

New Delhi:

Government move to put parotta At a higher level than Roti under the goods and services tax or GST has angered people on social media, who noted that both are similarly prepared flatbreads and a staple of most Indian foods.

A special court told Bangalore ID Fresh Foods firm that its products: whole wheat parotta and Malabar parotta With a shelf life of three to five days, they were not ready to eat as they had to be heated before consumption, meaning they will continue to be taxed at 18 percent.

Similar items like Khakraplain chapatti o roti, however, are ready to eat and have a 5 percent tax, the Authority for Advance Resolutions said.

The matter provoked reactions from users of social networks, including industrialist Anand Mahindra.

“With all the other challenges facing the country, it makes you wonder if we should be concerned about an existential crisis for the ‘Parota’. In any case, given the abilities of the Indian player, I’m pretty sure there will be a new race from ‘Parotis’ that will defy any categorization! “Mahindra tweeted.

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