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Goat Climbs on Buffalo to Eat Leaves from Tree Desi Jugaad Video Is Going Viral

पत्ते खाने के लिए बकरी ने लगाया जुगाड़, भैंस पर चढ़ी, सीधी खड़ी होकर किया कुछ ऐसा - देखें Video

Goat jugaad to eat leaves, climbed on buffalo, did something like standing upright - watch video

Goat put jugaad to eat leaves, climbed buffalo and then … View Viral Video

Jugaad videos are well liked on social media, which you will be surprised to see. This time a Goat’s jugaadoo video is going viral on the social media platform, seeing which you will also say that this goat is very smart. You must have seen goats bouncing near the tree and eating leaves. But instead of working hard this goat resorted to jugaad. The goat climbed on top of the buffalo and started eating leaves (Goat Climbs On Buffalo To Eat Leaves).

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It can be seen in the video that a buffalo was tied on the tree. The leaves on the tree were so high that it was impossible for the goat to reach, but then the goat brainwashed and climbed over the buffalo. Then he covered two feet from the tree and lifted the neck and started eating the leaves. This video is becoming very fast on social media.

This video has been shared by Sudha Raman, an officer of the Indian Forest Service on Twitter, as well as written in the caption, ‘See how smart goat is …’

See Video:

He shared this video on June 25, which has had more than 12 thousand views so far. Also, more than a thousand likes and more than 200 re-tweets have been done. People have given such reactions on Twitter …


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