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Glimpse of Most Famous Celebrities Of Hollywood Industry


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Celebrities of Hollywood

All the Glamour of Hollywood is due to versatile celebrities of this phenomenal industry. Let’s have a look at the charming personalities of the successful Hollywood industry:

Angelina Jolie

American humanitarian, actress and filmmaker. Angelina Jolie, is the highest paid and popular actress of Hollywood industry. She achieved so many accolades and golden globe awards for her outstanding and phenomenal performances. Tom Hanks, is regarded as an American cultural icon.

Will Smith

American actor, producer and song writer, Willard Carol Smith, is the famous Actor of Hollywood industry. News week called this versatile actor, the most powerful Actor of Hollywood. He was also nominated for 5 Golden Globe Award and 2 Academy Awards.

Alexandra Daddario

Most beautiful lady of America, Alexandra Daddario, is the famous actress of Hollywood. Alexandra, is well known for playing Annabeth chase in the Percy Jackson film series.

Johnny Depp

One of the most notable film star, Christopher Depp, is an American actor and producer. His upcoming movie is ‘The Flash’. He also worked in so many TV shows like 21 jump street, Life is too short and many more.

Brad Pitt

American actor and film producer, Brad Pitt, is a famous actor and film producer. Angelina Jolie is the second wife of Brad Pit. He is famous as most attractive man of industry.

Leonardo Dicaprio

American actor, producer and environmentalist, Leonardo is the highest paid actor in the world. Leonardo, plays unconventional roles in period films and won hearts of the peoples through his amazing work.

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Ariel winter

American voice actress, Ariel Winter, is one of the most promising young talent of industry. Hot, confident actress, Ariel Winter, achieved Four screen actor Awards for best essemble in comedy series.

Kim Kardashian

Socialite, Media person and a business girl, Kim Kardashian, is American actress and producer. She has launched variety of products tie to her name. She has millions of followers on instagram and twitter.

Kate Winslet

An English actress, Kate Winslet, is an English actress. She is well known for her work in period dramas. She is also recipient of various accolades. She belongs to family of actors, she began performing in commercials, TV shows from childhood.

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