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Georgia Manual Vote Counting Confirms Biden’s Win


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The US state of Georgia completed a manual counting of all votes cast in presidential elections, and the results confirmed the victory of Joe biden, who thus ensures the triumph throughout the country, announced tonight a local official.

“The audit confirmed that the original count of machines represented with precision to the winner of the election“said a statement posted on the Georgia secretary of state website, Brad Raffensperger, quoted by news agencies AFP and Sputnik.

Biden beat Trump by 12,284 votes, according to the final results of the audit, cited by the chain CNN, which noted that the final numbers represent a “slight drop for Biden compared to the projected results”, although they assure him of victory in the state and in the general election, something that President Donald Trump refuses to recognize and maintains his allegations that his candidacy for reelection was the victim of fraud.

During the manual recount, officials in four counties found new batches of votes that were either not counted on election day or were not correctly transmitted to the Secretary of State for recount.

Total, More than 5,800 uncounted votes were discovered, of which only 1,400 were for Trump, who said the discoveries were evidence of wrongdoing, added CNN.

State officials emphasized that these were accidents caused by human error and not indicative of vote fraud or manipulation.

The Secretary Raffensperger, a Republican, was criticized both by Trump as by the Republican senators in office of the state, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who asked him to resign after falsely accusing him of failing to “deliver honest and transparent elections.”

The result of the manual count came hours after Biden had a conversation with reporters in his fiefdom of Wilmington, Delaware, where he announced that he had already elected his future Secretary of the Treasury, whose name will be known soon.

“Soon they will meet my chosen one for the Treasury. I have already made my decision,” said the president-elect, who clarified that he would announce it “before or after Thanksgiving Day“, referring to the holiday of November 26.

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“This is someone who I believe to be accepted by all members of the Democratic Party, progressives and moderates, “added Biden who assume january 20.

The next Secretary of the Treasury will have the heavy task of helping lift the US economy out of the recession that the coronavirus pandemic has plunged it into.

Financial sources close to Biden told the AFP news agency that Lael Brainard is the favorite.

If true, Brainard, 58, the only Democratic voice on the monetary policy committee of the powerful US Federal Reserve, would be the first female Treasury secretary in more than two centuries.

A graduate of the prestigious Havard University, she knows the Treasury, where she was in charge of international affairs under the Barack Obama Administration before being appointed to the Federal Reserve.

Janet Yellen, former president of the Fed; Roger Ferguson, director of the TIAA pension fund; Mellody Hobson, who co-directs the Ariel Investments fund; and Sarah Bloom Raskin, former Treasury deputy under the Obama era; complete the list of main candidates, according to AFP.

Brainard was in charge of the file on the alleged manipulation of the Chinese currency, the yuan, by Beijing.

He also stood out during the eurozone debt crisis of 2011, behind the scenes urging the European Union to adopt an ambitious plan to help over-indebted countries, according to the US press.

Brainard, however, could face opposition from the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, which believes he was not tough enough on China, although his centrist position could facilitate his confirmation in the Senate, especially if the Upper House remains under the control of the United States. republicans.

While the outgoing president, Donald trumpContinuing to defy the results of the November 3 election and refusing to concede victory, Biden began with the first appointments of hundreds to appoint in the coming months.

Last Tuesday he appointed nine close associates of his campaign to key positions in the White House, almost a week after he nominated his chief of staff, Ron Klain.

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