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George Lucas wanted Darth Maul to return in the new trilogy

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In the 2000s, George Lucas had already imagined a crazy plot for another trilogy. Darth Maul, the apprentice of Darth Sidious, would have been at the heart of this postlogy.

Long before Disney bought Lucasfilm, the Star Wars director envisioned a completely different sequel. Indeed, George Lucas had an idea, which today seems much more interesting than what the last Star Wars trilogy gave us.

As was disclosed in The Star Wars Archives: 1999-2005, George Lucas wanted to resurrect Darth Maul. Sure enough, Darth Sidious’ Apprentice was not defeated by Obi-Wan on Naboo, as we can see in the animated series. The clone wars and Star Wars Rebel. “Darth Maul would have ended up resurfacing from the shadows as the godfather of crime in the galaxy, attempting a seizure of power after the dismantling of the Empire”, writes George Lucas in the book. An idea that was not validated by Disney after the acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012.

But we also learn that Darth Maul would have taken an apprentice: a Twi’lek by the name of Dark Talon. Appeared in the comics, Darth Talon is in a way a “new generation” Darth Vader. The plot would have centered mainly around her, and Leia Skywalker. Since Leia would indeed have become a Jedi, but also the heroine of this trilogy. In other words, we could have witnessed an all-female Jedi Sith clash.

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