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Gangster Sube Gurjar has been underground for 2 years


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Gurugram in Haryana has been dominated by criminals for over 20 years. The police nab a gangster, then another gangster begins elevating his head. Citizens breathed a sigh of reduction after gangster Kaushal’s arrest from Dubai, however since then the gangster Subhe Gurjar’s henchmen have grow to be lively. The gangster Subbe Gurjar has been underground since he was murdered in 2018. He has not come to Gurugram, however his henchmen convey full data to him. Gurugram police obtained this data from the miscreants arrested after the encounter in Sohna on Tuesday night. The three crooks act as sleeper cells for gangster Subha Gurjar. He retains in contact with Rajesh alias Fauji, the particular of the state. Police are anticipated to get vital data in interrogation of these miscreants. Police will inquire after discharge from the hospital.

Started asking for ransom in three states

Gangster Subje Gurjar has not dedicated any crime in Gurugram because the 12 months 2018. He has remained completely calm for a very long time, however because the arrest of Kaushal, he has grow to be lively as soon as once more, as a result of now all the gangsters other than gangster Subay Gurjar are in jail or have stopped committing crimes. The governor is demanding ransom and threatening in Rewari and Palwal in Haryana. Apart from this, he has additionally demanded ransom from merchants in Rajasthan and Noida in Uttar Pradesh. A case was additionally registered in Noida final month demanding a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from a businessman.

Kaushal and the state were buddies, gave betel to Sandeep

According to the police, both Gangster Kaushal and Sandeep Gadoli are rivals. Both need each other to die. After the arrest of gangster Kaushal, Kaushal had expressed his hope of killing himself in jail. He didn’t need him to be despatched to jail, as a result of the governor Gurvejar and Kaushal had employed supari to kill gangster Sandeep Gadoli for killing gangster Binder Gurjar, however Sandeep Gadoli survived. After this, there was a dispute between Kaushal and Sube Gurjar over the cash and the friendship of the 2 was over. Since the arrest of gangster Kaushal, solely the governor, who is out, is left. In such a scenario, he is attempting to run the enterprise by exhibiting his worry.

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The reward of 5 lakh is on the governor

Haryana Police has introduced a reward of 5 lakh rupees on the state’s Gurjars. Gurugram Police and Haryana’s Special Task Force have been engaged for the final two years to nab Gurjar, however he has not but reached fingers. According to police officers, the governor Gurjar has modified his identification by producing pretend paperwork. He has lived as Manish in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chennai and Hyderabad within the nation. The state Gurjar is very vicious and he does everything intentionally. Gangster Kaushal was arrested from Dubai, whereas gangster Sandeep Gadoli was shot useless by Gurugram police in Mumbai, whereas gangster Ashok Rathi was additionally murdered final 12 months. Apart from this, gangster Rakesh Hayatpur has left the world of crime for a very long time. Gangster Binder Gurjar is lodged in Mumbai jail.

Gangsters lively in Gurugram

-Gangster abilities
-Gangster State Gujjar
-Gangster Binder Gurjar
-Gangster Sandeep Gadauli
Gangster Rakesh Hayatpur
-Gangster Ashok Rathi

The three miscreants will be taken on remand when discharged from the hospital. During the remand, the state will discover out concerning the Gurjars and other incidents. The group is working to nab the Gujjars. Will be arrested quickly-Preetpal SangwanACP Crime

Gangster Subha Gurjar had maintained a sleeper cell, know what his motive was

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