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Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: Mumbai Artist is making sanitiser Ganesha Idols amid covid-19 for ganesh chaturthi


Talking about these statues, Nitin Ramdas Chaudhary, an artist at Pranjal Art Center, told news agency ANI that he builds interesting statues with new and different themes every year, and this year, seeing the Kovid-19 epidemic, he dispensed sanitizer Made statues

He said, “I believe that Lord Ganesha removes our problems. I have used the sanitizer as a weapon for the statue. This shows that Lord Ganesha will keep this virus away from us. When the devotees come to the statue for darshan, the sanitizer will come out of the weapon himself. Even after so many efforts of the government, the impact of Kovid-19 is not diminishing in the country.

Even though the demand for Lord Ganesha’s idols is lower this year than last year, still people are making idols with their different ideas.

Nitin Ramdas Chaudhary said, “Demand for idols is less this year but people are seeing such idols for the first time and this is why their demand is increasing”. He said, “I have made 2-3 such statues so far but now I am making more statues as people are booking it.”

He said, “I had dispenser in 2-3 idols only but booking is still coming.” We are getting orders for them from places like Goa, Kolkata etc. Customers can place their order online and these images will be delivered to them. They do not need to come to take them.

Nitin further said, “The things used in these idols are quite difficult and for that I have to take them from different parts of the country, which is a problem but I wanted to make a sanitize Ganesh idol. I have also put lights in the statue, which you can operate from remote. ”

The 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival will begin on 22 August. On September 1, he will be immersed. This festival is mainly celebrated in states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Gujarat.


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