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Gandhi Statue Gandhi Statue in Washington by Anti Farm law protesters who were also Khalistan supporters – Gandhi’s statue in America in protest against agricultural laws, covered with Khalistani flag


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In support of the peasant movement, Khalistan supporters staged a massive protest outside the Indian embassy in Washington.

Special things

  • Khalistani supporters protest against farmers law in Washington
  • Gandhi statue molested outside Indian embassy
  • Waving anti-India poster-banner, slogans against Modi government


three New Farm Laws The fire of protest is burning in America. Opposition of farmers law and happening in India Farmers Protest In support of, Khalistan Supporters fiercely protested outside the Indian Embassy in Washington and expressed disrespect and disrespect for Gandhiji’s statue there. Khalistan supporters covered the Khalistan flag over Bapu’s statue. A Khalistani supporter said that he did this because Gandhiji was a rapist.

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In addition to Greater Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, hundreds of Sikhs from states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina took out a car rally to the Indian Embassy in Washington DC. Meanwhile, some Sikhs came there with anti-India posters and banners carrying Khalistani flags. “Banner Republic” was written on many banners. Some of these Khalistani Sikhs came in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi holding a saber in hand and pasted a poster on it. The group also raised slogans in support of anti-India and Khalistan.

The Indian embassy issued a statement condemning “this evil act of people who commit hooliganism as protesters”. The embassy said that it has lodged a strong protest with the US law enforcement agencies in this regard and has also taken up the matter with the US State Department for investigation and action under the law.

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“The government is trying to discredit the peasant movement to hide its stubborn attitude”

When all this happened on Saturday afternoon, a large number of Washington DC Police and Secret Service personnel were present at that time. About half an hour later, another group of Khalistani supporters tied a poster of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the help of a rope around the statue’s neck. More than an hour later, an agent of the Secret Service appeared towards the statue and clearly told the Khalistan supporters that they were violating the law.

Farmers’ group met with Narendra Singh Tomar in support of agricultural laws, threatened to protest if repealed


US President Donald Trump issued an executive order on June 26, which states that damage to public property or disrespect of a monument in the US can lead to imprisonment of up to 10 years. This statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihar Vajpayee in the presence of the then US President Bill Clinton on September 16, 2000.

Video- People from different regions in support of farmers

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