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Game Of Thrones Esme Bianco Accuses Marilyn Manson Of Sexual Abuse – Game Of Thrones Actress Reveals Sensational, Tied My Feet With Electric Cable


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Mumbai. Actress Isme Bianco, who worked in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, revealed the excess she had with herself. After which there has been an uproar in the Hollywood industry. Isme Bianco alleged that he was sexually abused by the musician Marilyn Manson (Sexual Abuse With Esme Bianco).

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The actress narrated her story
Speaking to a private magazine, actress Isme Bianco revealed that Manson is a man of defensive nature. They have ruined the lives of many women, including me. Bianco told that Manson has troubled him many times. He was also sexually abused.

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Bianco met Manson during a music video
Isme said that she met Mary Manson during a music video. During that time Manson did violence to me. I tied my legs to the cable and sexually abused me with the help of an electric adult toy.

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Cut the body several times without support
The actress said that the music video was shot for 3 days. During this time Manson did not even let him sleep properly. Even gave them cocaine instead of food for three days. Manson had cut my body several times without my consent. At that time, I could not wear any clothes without Manson’s wish. I felt like I was serving a jail sentence. However, Manson has denied all the allegations leveled by Bianco.

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