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Galaxy A11 vs K40s: which is the best basic phone, Samsung or LG? | Comparative


The Galaxy A11 is the successor to the best-selling Android phone in 2019. In our review we saw that the new Samsung basicão just got better, but is it now able to overcome the K40s that is the king of cost-benefit among entry-level phones? That’s what we’re going to check.

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29 Jul

K40s: when LG stops being coffee

01 Feb


Samsung Galaxy A11

LG K40s

When talking about basic cell phones, you can’t expect much from the design. Here we have two simple devices with a body made of plastic with similar build quality. The K40s for being older still has traditional notch and the A11 already bets on a hole for the front camera, which has become a trend in all segments.

The LG is more compact and resistant. It brings military certification that guarantees greater durability in falls and a greater chance of surviving in extreme temperature environments. And there is also a differential button dedicated to Google Assistant that helps when doing a quick search.

Connections have the advantage of the USB type C port on the Galaxy, while the LG still comes with the old micro USB, but on the other hand brings Bluetooth 5.0. If you are looking for a basicão with Wi-Fi 5 GHz or gyroscope, then none will suit you.

Here we give each one a point since none stands out.

Multimedia and software

Screen and sound

One point that basic cell phones usually miss is on the screen. A11 and K40s have simple LCD panels, but they are far from being considered bad. The Galaxy has a slightly brighter glow, and this makes it the best choice for those who use the phone a lot on the street. LG’s screen has a slightly higher contrast, which makes black less gray and gives colors more vividness. The viewing angle is similar in both, as well as the level of reflections in the glass.

There is only one sound outlet at the bottom of each device. The A11 has a slightly louder sound for exaggerating the treble and when the volume is at its maximum it distorts much more than the K40s. None is a good option for listening to music, but LG does a better job especially with the headset that comes with a free gift. DTS: X is supported with the promise of more immersive sound. Just don’t expect too much of it.

We give the screen a tie and an extra point to the K40s in the sound part.


One point that LG has been disappointing is in the software support. The K40s arrived on the market with Android 9 Pie and still has no update to Android 10. LG has not even given any time limit when we can see the update coming out to its basicão. It is really disappointing.

Samsung has been doing more than that. The A11 arrives with Android 10 and should be upgraded to Android 11 if we consider the good update history recently. Even cell phones on the late J line are getting attention from the company.

But in terms of resources, which is more complete? We can say that the interfaces of both have many differentials and the usefulness of each resource varies for each person. However, LG’s software chokes less than Samsung’s and this will be a good differentiator for many.

And we continue with one point for each.


The shorter the time, the better

The A11 comes with old hardware present in some members of the Galaxy J line, the Snapdragon 450. The K40s also doesn’t have a very current chip and LG has been keeping the Helio P22 even in its 2020 releases. But which one is better?

In our standardized speed test we had an advantage for LG. This is where well-optimized software makes a difference. In benchmarks it was the opposite and Snapdragon managed higher scores.

If you are looking for a good phone to play for little money you will be satisfied with what both deliver. Of course, don’t expect to run everything smoothly. The A11 and K40s feature some gagging on Asphalt 9 and heavier games, but will please casual players.

We give the K40s a point for better performance.


The longer the time, the better (except recharge)

The A11 brings 500 mAh more battery and even if it has a bigger screen it still manages to render 15% more. It doesn’t really make a big difference, but the more time you spend away from the shots the better.

And that’s another point that Samsung’s basics take advantage of: it comes with a more powerful charger that makes your battery recharge 40 minutes faster.

This gives the A11 a double stitch.


We have a 13 MP camera on both with a small advantage for the larger focal aperture on the A11. This should help with night shots, but none stands out with their rather dark photos.

When shooting during the day we have a better balance between brightness and color in the K40s. Its ultra-wide camera also has superior quality and suffers less in darker places.

If you are a fan of saturated colors you will enjoy the artificial intelligence of the LG camera. It makes the colors more vibrant and even gives a tan effect to the skin. The Galaxy has an extra third camera that serves to use portrait mode with objects.

K40s takes point for better cameras.

Photos taken with the Galaxy A11

At the front we have a camera with higher resolution on the K40s, but it does not deliver a sharpness superior to the A11, at least not in daytime selfies. Both are able to record good photos and have an efficient portrait effect. It is at night that the LG takes advantage and suffers less from loss of sharpness and noise. It is also possible to use artificial intelligence to correct backlight overflow and even give a tan tone to the skin.

And one more point on camera for LG.

Photos taken with the LG K40s

We have videos in Full HD with both, either with the rear or front camera. The quality of the footage is similar with a slightly more agile focus on the K40s. None of them has good audio capture quality, but Samsung’s phone has a metallic noise in the voices, which makes its rival deliver a cleaner sound. And since we’re talking about basic cell phones, there’s no electronic stabilization, so wait for shaky videos. Of course, filming at night will be tricky with them.

We give K40s a point for being a little better with videos.


The A11 arrived at a hefty price of R $ 1,699, while the K40s was launched in 2019 for R $ 999 and is much cheaper than the basic Samsung. Of course, as it is a more recent launch we will still see the Galaxy drop in price, but it will take a while to get close to what is found in the rival of LG.

With that we give the last point to the K40s.


Cost Benefit

LG K40s

To compare


Cost Benefit

Samsung Galaxy A11

To compare


It’s my friends, the LG K40s remains the most cost-effective among the basics. Okay, the A11 is a recent model and its price will drop over time, but as much as it gets to be the same value as the rival, it will still be an inferior product. The K40s is more resistant, its screen displays better colors, the sound distorts less, its outdated Android flows better, and the camera set delivers better photos.

The A11 has its good points with its most current design, higher screen brightness, comes standard with Android 10 and should be upgraded to 11, in addition to delivering longer battery life and recharging faster. If the camera is not that important to you, it can be an interesting purchase when it is at the same price as LG’s rival.



  • More compact and resistant
  • LCD screen with good colors
  • Better sound quality
  • Software flows better
  • Superior performance
  • Best set of cameras
  • Best selfies
  • Camcorder has more agile focus and better sound capture
  • Best cost-benefit

Samsung Galaxy A11: 5 POINTS

  • Most current design
  • LCD screen with good brightness level
  • Latest software
  • Longer battery life
  • Shorter cooldown

(updated August 2, 2020, 11:14 am)


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