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9 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends In limited time


Friends, our chosen family. The ones we can be ourselves around, without being judged. We have all spend goofy times with our friends doing random stuff and making memories. But, sometimes we run out of things to do and end up just catching up for dinner or something mainstream. This generally happens due to our hectic schedule. I am here to save you from having your merry times be eaten away by this fast-paced world.

1. A walking Trail


Some time in nature always does us good. A hiking trail is a fun way to connect with your friends and also to laugh at them when they fall. It serves as a good way to detox from your everyday life and is also a great way to get some exercise.

Also, it only takes 2 hours! So, go explore nature this weekend.

2. DIY Party


If you are a creative bunch, then this is the perfect party for you. Make a list of fun DIY stuff and get the necessary things a day before. Have fun with glitter, glue and all things crafty! Add food to the mix and you are all set to rock.

3. Bake/ Cook together


Eating food with friends is always fun. But, cooking together is even better! Make a list of your favorite dishes and go grocery shopping. Come back and decide who the Suos-chef is! Though that may take more time! (haha) Mix those spices with some equally spicey gossip and you are good to go!

4. Take some personality tests


I know they sound like serious business, but they are actually great to kill time. You can take some quirky and weird personality tests from various sites like BuzzFeed or if you are looking for something more substantial, then also there are plenty available on the net. See, if you know your best friend better than the test results!

5. Volunteer


What could be better than making a difference with your best friends? Take some time out on the weekend and volunteer with a local charity. Doing some good, will make you feel better as well as you will have some interesting stories to tell. You will also have more respect for each other.

6. Gardening


Again order the things beforehand, then call your friends over. This can be a helpful relaxation and an excellent way to pass time and have your own veggie garden. This is a long time investment, you can have the veggies and cook healthy food. You can have healthy Saturday dinner and make it a ritual. The fruits of your labour are always sweet. Literally!

7. Learn weird tricks


Learning weird tricks is always great fun! You can each pick a trick like juggling, walking on your hands, etc. Even if you don’t succeed, they will result in some epic fails! And well you will have more content to blackmail your bestie with.

8. Make your own will


Sit together and draft each other’s will. You can write goofy stuff or some sentimental things. And the other person is not allowed to read what you wrote until you give it to them. So chose a special day, the day you meet or birthdays and gift them this sweet moment.

9. Take some photos


Yes I know this sounds very simple but have a photoshoot of your own. All you need is clothes, a camera, and a kickass attitude. This can be great fun and it’s 100% sure to up your Instagram game. And we all know who is gonna leave a comment.

So no matter what you do, you can always be sure that you will make great memories and strengthen your bond.  Mark Twain once said, “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”  So here is wishing you a super ideal life!

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