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Frymuth does not believe in President Keller’s departure


NBC News

Cologne (dpa) – Vice-President Peter Frymuth does not assume that association boss Fritz Keller could leave the German Football Association (DFB) in the current crisis.

“I cannot see that Fritz Keller has any intentions in this direction. I would also like to see Keller continue to take on the role that he was given by the Bundestag. I cannot see that there are other considerations”, said Frymuth to a question in the ARD sports show in Cologne.

In the DFB Presidium, following the tax raid in the Frankfurt association headquarters, there had recently been disagreements between Keller and General Secretary Friedrich Curtius. “All these points were discussed internally,” reported Frymuth. All disagreements have been discussed and they now want to “continue working in a goal-oriented manner”. Keller did not take up his office as DFB President until autumn 2019.


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