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Where can I get copyright-free videos to upload on YouTube?

YouTube Audio Library – The official YouTube treasure box for Royalty free audio clips to use in your videos with 0% chance of copyright 🙂

You can get any type of audio clip from YouTube Audio Library.

Just you need to choose Genre – Mood – Instrument – Duration (not necessary) – Attribution (Required/Not Required)

This is how you can get copyright free Audio Clips for making your YouTube videos.

How do I get free videos on my YouTube channel?

13 Sites to Get Free Stock Videos for Social Media
  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/video
  2. https://elements.envato.com/stock-video
  3. Pixabay.
  4. Pexels.
  5. https://www.dareful.com/
  6. Videvo.
  7. https://www.storyblocks.com/video
  8. Life of Vids.
  9. Splitshire.
  10. Distill.
  11. Stock Footage 4 Free.
  12. Videezy.
  13. https://www.pond5.com/

These are available under Creative Commons licenses and some of them don’t even require attribution. The videos can also be used for commercial purposes.

In conclusion there are several options available that let you use videos created by others but you must examine all the parameters and toe the line.

  1. Pexels Video: This has a good collection of videos which can be searched using keywords.
  2. Pixabay: This platform started out as a photography website and eventually moved on to par excellence videos.
  3. Videvo: This offers several free HD videos that cover a wide range of categories. You name it they have it.
  4. Life of Vids: This is a platform curated by Vimeo. It has a collection of fantastic, high-quality footage of variety of landscapes.


Any video which is created involves a good deal of effort and hard work. It may appear viable to pick up a supposedly copyright free video and upload it on YouTube It will definitely save you a lot of time, energy and money.

However that said there are always loopholes when we contemplate using content created by another person. It also depends on how you want to use these free video. Do you plan to just add some zing to your own videos with small snippets of other’s videos or Do you plan to add someone else’s videos and create an entire channel from it?

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There will be a number of suggestions that will advise that you can easily use videos that fall under the “creative common” license, in layman’s terms copyright free videos. Nevertheless you need to be wary.

The “creative common” license may have certain terms attached to it. It may require you to attribute the original creator i.e. you may be required to mention the creator or the link and only then the reuse is allowed. It may also have a no commercial use caveat.

Again you need to carefully ascertain if the video which is uploaded under the “creative common” license is truly uploaded by the creator or owner. Many a times a video is uploaded under “creative common” license by a non owner and when the original creator or owner realizes his or her video is being used there may be a copyright claim.

This may lead to a strike on your channel by YouTube. Now you may well argue that the video was under “creative common” license but it won’t help, the strike will still apply. Further YouTube has a strict set of terms and conditions that forbids monetization of other’s videos without necessary permissions.

The best and the most authentic way to use another person’s video is to identify the creator or owner as the case may be and seek necessary permissions. The creator or owner may ask for a monetary share at their discretion

Having said all of this there are a number of sites that offer copyright free videos under “creative common license”. I am listing a few of the top ones here. Do note that before you download and use the videos check the creative common license and its requirements.


Read below on copyright issues.

  1. Videos which are owned by Government fall under Public Domain but don’t forget to check it’s Public Domain Status.
  2. Videos that are really Old doesn’t have any copyright restrictions because it’s copyright may have been expired.

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