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France Observes Nationwide 6pm Curfew To Slow Coronavirus Spread – Panic from Corona’s new strain in France! PM Jean Castex announces lockdown


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New Delhi. Infection with the corona virus has certainly decreased worldwide, but new strains of the corona have wreaked havoc in many countries. The first cases of this new strain were seen in the UK and then the infection started spreading all over the world.

Lockdown in France

The lockdown was imposed in the UK in the wake of the growing threat of Corona’s new strain and the growing number of patients in hospitals. Now, considering the threat of this epidemic, the French government has also decided to impose a lockdown.

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Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister of France Jean-Costax said, “The transition of the new strain of Corona is spreading rapidly in the country. In such cases, it is necessary to apply lockdown to avoid this. We need to be especially vigilant against new strains of the virus. We have to be very careful.

Curfew will be from 6 pm to 6 am

The curfew in the country will continue from 6 pm to 6 am, Castex said. Also, from Monday, anyone coming from France outside the EU will have to report negatively to the Corona to enter the country and be quarantined at home for a week. Markets in towns and villages were evacuated to monitor the curfew.

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More than 70 thousand people have died

Explain that France ranks 7th in the world in terms of corona infection. So far more than 28 lakh people have been infected with corona here. Of these, more than 70 thousand people have died due to the virus.

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