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First Dog to Test Coronavirus Positive Dies in America US – Coronavirus: Corona positive dog death in US


Corona infection has been confirmed in many animals. (Token picture)

Special things

  • Corona infected dog dies in US
  • German Shepherd breed dog
  • Symptoms of corona were seen in April

New York:

In the JD of Coronavirus, not only humans but animals are also coming. This has been claimed and confirmed in many reports. A dog Corona was found infected in America and according to the information now available, he has died. The dog’s name was Buddy and the German Shepherd breed was 7 years old. Symptoms of corona were found in April. Dog owner Robert Mahoney lives in New York and was also found to be Corona positive in April.

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Buddy was having trouble breathing and this problem also kept increasing with increasing time. In May, a veterinarian confirmed corona at Buddy. The US reported in June that a German Shepherd in New York was the first dog found in the country to be infected with corona. Elder’s condition continued to worsen and on July 11, he was given a painless death.

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Cancer of the immune system has also been reported in dog blood tests. It is not clear at the moment whether he died of a corona infection or not. The US has so far confirmed corona in many animals. According to the government, so far 12 dogs, 10 cats, a lion and a tiger have been hit by Corona. The US said that there has been no evidence of corona outbreaks from animals, but it seems that in some cases the infection can spread from humans to animals.

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