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Filmmaker Hansal Mehta trolled for asking Covid-19 situation in Pakistan user booked Karachi ticket for him


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Well known Bollywood filmmaker Hansal Mehta is very active on social media. He is seen on his social account giving his opinion on many issues related to the country and the industry. Due to which many times they also have to face trolls. Recently, something similar was seen when Hansal Mehta asked a question about Pakistan, a user got so angry that he even booked a ticket to Karachi for Hansal Mehta. Earlier filmmakers were also responding to this troll, but after seeing the ticket response, they have made their social account private.

Gave advice to go to Pakistan

In fact, Hansal Mehta tweeted a tweet on his Twitter account about the comparison of Corona’s situation in Pakistan with India. In which he wrote – ‘I am just thinking, will the situation in Pakistan be as bad as it is in India? I mean the circumstances of Kovid ‘. While many people responded to this tweet by Hansal, in the meantime a user wrote – ‘I am ready to give the money for the first class one way ticket if you go there forever’.

The user has placed a condition

While replying to this user, Hansal wrote- ‘Please send the ticket, or should I share my bank details?’ … After this the user said- ‘Please give me, if you come back, you give me the ticket price 10 times the amount of money to be paid ‘. On this Hansal said- ‘Don’t send the terms first, send money’. This debate did not end here. Seeing Hansal’s reply, the user actually booked a photo for the filmmaker by booking a ticket from Mumbai to Dubai and Dubai to Karachi.

If the ticket was sent…

The user, while sending the ticket to Hansal Mehta, said- ‘The conditions were already imposed. I was not joking in the first tweet itself ‘. According to media reports, the filmmaker did not reply after this, but changed his Twitter account from public to private. Since this incident, the name of Hansal Mehta has been trending on Twitter. At the same time, screenshots of these two conversations are going viral on social media.

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