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Father of bride: Father’s true love for daughter Movie


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Father of the bride

Hollywood comedy movie ‘father of the bride’ depicts the true love and overprotection of a father for her dearest daughter. The story of this movie surrounds around 22 years girl, Annie, daughter of Athletic shoes businessman, George, who is very dearest to her parents. George, the athletic shoes businessman is very overprotective about her daughter, Annie, and can’t even imagine life without her. Annie, dearest daughter of her parents, is the proud of her parents, and is away for her studies in Europe. Father of bride1 was released in December 20, 1991 with the amazing story.

How conflicts of father starts?

On her return to home, she surprised her parents by announcing her engagement with Bryan, whom, her parents don’t even know. George, father of Annie, was in a great trauma and was against this relation. Nina, mother of Annie, loves her decision and try to pacify her husband, George.

Wedding bell begins

Finally, Annie and her mother Nina started the wedding shopping’s and George, father of Annie is highly insecure, he doesn’t want to give her away in any cost as he loves her a lot. Annie and her mother, Nina, higher a famous caterer for best and lavish arrangements and George is very absent and keep on screaming on the workers. George, father of Annie is also worried about the high expenses. Mother and daughter are so much delighted and busy in wedding festivities but George, father of bride is in a great conflict. He has gone crazy, not ready to prepare his mind to send her dearest lovely daughter away from him.

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Father of bride 2

American comedy movie ‘Father of bride 2 ‘depicting father’s love was released on December 8, 1995. George misses her daughter, Annie who is married and lived separately. Soon he was surprised by a news that her daughter, Annie, and her wife, Nina are both expecting. Annie with her husband and child travelled to other country because she was selected for a job there.

Hence, the whole story depicts the love and care of parents for their child .

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