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Facebook sues EU antitrust authorities | News from Germany on world events | DW


The American corporation Facebook has filed a lawsuit against the EU antitrust authorities in connection with a possible infringement of the personal data of its employees. This was announced on Monday, July 27, at the press service of the company.

Since 2019, the European Union has launched a series of investigations against the corporation. One of them is focused on its data set, the other – on its own virtual trading platform, which is used for purchase and sale by 800 million users in 70 countries of the world.

Over the past period, at the request of Brussels, the company provided the European Commission (EC) with 315 thousand documents, totaling 1.7 million pages.

“The extremely broad nature of the EC’s requests means that we would have to transfer mostly non-material documents that have nothing to do with the Commission’s investigation. family members, “said Tim Lamb, Deputy General Counsel for Competition at Facebook. “We believe that such requests should be considered by the EU courts,” he added.

Facebook Appeals to the European Court of General Jurisdiction

In addition to two lawsuits against the European Commission, Facebook has also applied to the European Court of Justice with a request to freeze the transfer of documentation to Brussels pending verdicts on these complaints.

Potential violations of Facebook’s privacy concerns are being investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Another investigation against the IT giant is being conducted by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The US Department of Justice, in turn, is studying Facebook’s transactions with business partners (such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Sony) to transfer user data to them. In total, over 150 companies received information from Facebook about the users of the social network – in part without their knowledge and consent.

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