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Facebook globally blocks account of bolsonaristas supporters, but disagrees with STF


The controversy involving STF, supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) and social networks gains a new chapter. That’s because Facebook announced yesterday (1st) that it blocked the profiles of these supporters around the world, following compliance with the determination of the Minister of the Supreme, Alexandre de Morais.

The magistrate increased the value of the daily fine and charged the payment of R $ 1.92 million from Facebook for not having prevented the accounts from being accessed in the national territory, and also personally summoned the president at the company in the country to comply with the determination.

31 Jul

WhatsApp blockade: STF minister says Marco Civil n

28 May

This first blockade was made last Friday (24th) across the country by order of the minister. In all, 16 accounts were blocked on Twitter and another 12 on Facebook. However, to circumvent the ban, some of the targets of the court order created new profiles located outside Brazil, that is, out of reach of the STF’s decision. The decision is part of the investigation that investigates threats and defamatory messages against ministers of the Court.

In the minister’s view, the partial suspension of accounts characterizes the breach of a court order. The amount charged of R $ 1.92 million refers to a daily fine of R $ 20 per day for each of the 12 profiles that were not previously blocked. The daily fine was also raised to R $ 100,000, with personal summons from the Facebook president in the country.

Facebook, according to CNN’s findings, initially evaluated that fulfilling the decision would set a dangerous precedent for freedom of expression, as this could lead to other judges, from different countries, could make requests that geographically extrapolate their decisions. The social network did not agree with the decision, which it considered “extreme”, however, due to the threat of criminal liability of an employee, in his words, it saw no alternative but to comply with the decision. Twitter has announced that it will appeal Alexandre de Moraes’ decision.

Facebook had complied with the order to block accounts in Brazil by restricting the viewing of Pages and Profiles from IP addresses in the country. This means that people with an IP address in Brazil could not see the contents even though the targets of the court order had changed their IP location. The most recent court order is extreme, representing risks to freedom of expression outside Brazilian jurisdiction and in conflict with laws and jurisdictions around the world. Due to the threat of criminal liability from an employee of Facebook Brasil, we had no alternative but to comply with the global account blocking order while we resort to the STF “.

Facebook, in note.


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