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Fabrice Luchini apologizes after his “temper” against the government


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Fabrice Luchini made his mea culpa Sunday on France 2 after criticizing the government’s management of the coronavirus health crisis.

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A rant that Fabrice Luchini regrets. On October 15, the comedy criticized the government’s management of the health crisis, the day after Emmanuel Macron’s speech, who announced the establishment of a curfew in Ile-de-France and eight metropolises. “Blow with the club. Terrified by this trial and error, I do not understand all these inconsistencies, but I must be stupid … “, the 69-year-old wrote on social media before claiming in a video that the“We do not understand what this government is doing. Véran’s panic, Castex’s accent which is extinguished, it’s terrifying, it’s morbid, it’s sordid, we no longer want to love this government or anything ”, he had blurted out.

“It’s absolutely stupid, I don’t have the skill”

Almost a month after these declarations, and as France entered a second lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to progress, Fabrice Luchini expressed regret on the set of 8:30 p.m. on Sunday of France 2. “I had a totally inappropriate mood, he admitted facing Laurent Delahousse. I am sorry for that. I allowed myself to talk about the government, it is absolutely stupid, I do not have the competence. I know perfectly well the difficulty on the ridge, there are tragedies on all sides (…) there is the economy, nervous breakdowns. The government is in a crest situation that is impossible to reconcile. “

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