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EVE Echoes verse of the famous space MMORPG that arrives in August for Android and iOS


EVE Online is one of the biggest online games for computers, with a robust community that constantly evolves and painstakingly explores the vast universe of the title. CCD Games developers intend to further expand this universe with the launch of EVE Echoes, mobile version of your MMORPG.

24 Jul

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23 Jul

Due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the producer announced at the beginning of the year the postponement of its game, to a later date. Today, that date was finally revealed, and it is closer than everyone thought: EVE Echoes will be available for Android and iOS on August 13th.

The novelty promises to offer an experience similar to that provided on computers, given the limitations of cell phones. The persistent universe will be maintained, with more than 8,000 different solar systems, in addition to the freedom of exploration provided to players. PvP and PvE battles will also be available, which should allow users to develop their own trajectory.

EVE Echoes will maintain a free-to-play system, but as expected, dozens of microtransactions should be offered to keep the title going. Still, the experience must be complete, even for those who choose not to make purchases. The game is already pre-registered on both platforms, with rewards being offered to those who register in advance.

Two other big highlights that are expected to hit cell phones in the coming months include titles from Crash Bandicoot and Marvel heroes. Crash Bandicoot: On The Run! is an endless runner of the famous platform game character who is also in the pre-registration stage, while Marvel Duel is the first “automatic chess” with more than 150 characters from the comic book universe.

EVE Echoes

Developer: NetEase Games

Price: Free – Offers in-app purchases

Size: varies by device


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