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Ella Bleu Travotta: “young & Beautiful Actress of Hollywood”


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Ella Bleu Travotta

Daughter of iconic stars of Hollywood industry, john Travolta and Kelly Preston, Ella Bleu Travotta, a young beautiful girl, is Hollywood actress. Blue eyed, beautiful girl and American actress loves acting, singing and dancing from childhood, her parents are role model for her.

This young actress was thrown into early limelight due to popularity of her parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston.  ‘Not under my roof’ was her first short documentary movie, when she first time appeared in front of camera at the age of 1.

Kelly Preston, mother of Ella, is famous actress and singer. Young, beautiful actress, Ella, is the only child of her iconic parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who is in industry. She was only 8 years old, when her brother died and her parents shielded her from media, to heal from tragic loss.

Entry into premier of Father’s movie “Gotti’:

In 2018, young talented actress, was seen at Red carpet, attended premier of her father’s movie’Gotti’. Father of the beautiful talented Actress, is very proud of the acting abilities of her daughter.

Working career:

‘Not under my roof’ was her first documentary based project, at age of 1,  Later at age of 9, she was featured in  movie ‘Old dogs’. Beautiful, talented actress also performed in Disney comedy film.

Reason behind unusual Media attention:

Daughter of iconic stars of Hollywood, Ella, have almost only two movies, yet receives a lot of media attention. All the attention and limelight is mainly because of her parent’s popularity, and her appearances in red carpet.

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Young, beautiful and talented actress, appeared on several talk shows, TV shows like Entertainment Tonight, Jimmy kemmel live, The Ellen Degreenre show and many more. She has almost 151K followers on instagram.

Keeping herself, 10 years away from industry, now Ella, is back with her thrilling leading roles. She played the role of Rebecca, so natural role, and was highly praised by her co-stars.