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Elizabeth II plans to maintain this Christmas tradition and outrage the British


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The Queen’s plans for the holidays have been unveiled and they are not popular with everyone.

Deeply attached to traditions, Elizabeth II will not let the coronavirus completely turn her ideal Christmas upside down. This is what the British press said on November 28, detailing the plan that the Queen would have in mind for the holidays.

“Bad example”

As the 2nd wave of Covid-19 gradually affects European monarchies, Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had to choose which of their four children will be able to join them in Sandringham during this year unlike any other. The couple would have decided: it will be Edward, the youngest, in the company of his wife Sophie from Wessex and Louise and James Mountbatten-Windsor, respectively 16 and 12 years old, we are assured across the Channel.

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But the Queen would have a ready-made solution to widen this “bubble” from December 26th. ” If they go to Sandringham, their traditional Boxing Day hunt could still take place, allowing them to see family members who cannot be with them at Christmas ”, slipped a source relayed by The Express. Although it respects the measures put in place by the British government, this sleight of hand is not to everyone’s liking. ” So the Queen is going to organize a hunt so that she can have her friends and family in Sandringham for Christmas? If so, I think it’s the worst decision of his entire reign ”, we railed on Twitter. An opinion that is not isolated.

It would certainly set the wrong example“,” so disconnected, a lack of respect ”, or ” I think the Queen is more reasonable than that, but I’m disgusted if it’s true ”, we replied on the social network.

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