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Elephant Herd Stopped Sugarcane Truck in Middle Of Road, Enjoyed Eating See Viral Video


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Elephant's family stopped the road between the sugarcane truck, took out and ate, then people said - 'Collect the right tax ...' - Watch Video

Viral Video: Elephant’s household stopped the highway within the center, took out the sugarcane truck, then folks stated – ‘The proper tax is collected …’ – Watch Video

A video of Elephant’s household (Viral News) is turning into viral on social media. Elephants stopped the sugarcane truck passing by the highway after which everyone loved the sugarcane (Elephant Herd Eats Sugarcane). The truck stood within the center highway for a very long time. Elephants stood in entrance of the truck and continued to eat sugarcane. This video has been shared by the Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda on Twitter.

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It can be seen within the video that the elephant, elephant and his two kids are standing in entrance of the truck. The elephant removes sugarcane from the truck and places it on the highway. The remainder of the household picks up the cane from the highway and begins consuming. A person was recording video contained in the truck.

Sharing the video, Sushant Nanda wrote within the caption, ‘The gentlest tax collectors and they are taking their dues and never a part of your revenue. Somewhere in South India, an elephant herd accumulating tax on sugarcane. ‘

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This video was shared on October 1, which has had greater than 16 thousand views thus far. Also, greater than 800 likes and 100 re-tweets have been executed. People are having fun with this video very a lot. People have given such reactions …

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