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Electricity theft convict gets punishment to stand all day in delhi court


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The court has convicted one person in a power theft case. Although this person owed his dues to the power company, the court said that the crime of power theft has been proved and when a crime has occurred, then punishment is also necessary. Therefore, the criminal of power theft is sentenced to stand in the court room throughout the day during the court proceedings.

Tees Hazari Court Additional Sessions Judge Vidya Prakash sentenced the convict Shamim to stand in the court room, saying that on behalf of the power company it has been said that Shamim has repaid the company’s dues. In such a situation, the court can leave it.

The court said that the entire trial has been completed in this case of power theft. The statements of witnesses have been recorded and technical evidence has been intensively investigated. All the evidence and witnesses have proved that the accused Shamim was stealing electricity directly from the main line. Now because the crime has happened, then the punishment is also to be done.

The court said that there is another reason behind this. In this case, the conviction of a convict for a crime creates his criminal record. If it is left as is, it is not possible to bring the act on record before it, which is mandatory. In the future, if the wrongdoing is done by the guilty, this crime will also be counted therein.

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