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Dwayne Johnson wants to be the President of America


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Mumbai. Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson has made fans worldwide with films. His movies are seen all over the world, especially his big name in America. Now Johnson wants to gain a big place in politics besides films. He says that he wants to serve the citizens of the country by becoming the President of America.

Want to be president
Actually, in a survey people have been asked who they want to see their President. Surprisingly, more than fifty percent of those polled have given preference to Dwayne as president. After this survey, Johnson has expressed his wish.

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‘Never thought it would happen’

Dwayne Johnson said on the ‘Today’ show, ‘My goal is to connect our country and I also feel that if people want it, I will do it.’ However, he did not say which party he would join for the election. One article stated, ‘At least 46 percent of Americans will support the presidential bid by Dwayne’ The Rock ‘Johnson. ” Johnson said, ‘They don’t think our founding members would have ever thought that a 6-foot-4-inch bald, half-black, tequila-drinking tattoo man would come to their club. Yes, if it happens that I will serve you, then for me it will be a matter of honor. ‘

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I have already expressed my desire
Significantly, 48-year-old Johnson is among the highest paid stars in America. He has spoken his heart in gestures for a long time about the US presidency. In 2017, Johnson also spoke for the presidency, saying that he was seriously considering it. Johnson, known as ‘The Rock’, has played a leading role in the films of ‘Jumanji’ franchise. Apart from Johnson, there are many American celebs who aspire to become president. These include names such as Matthew McConaughey, Kathleen Jenner. Significantly, Johnson’s father was a black man and his mother was a resident of Samoa.

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