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Donald Trump: “Tens of thousands of votes were illegally received”


NBC News

President Donald trump, I denounced again irregularities in the electoral process in the U.S. Through his Twitter account, he stated that Tens of thousands of votes were illegally received after 8 PM on Tuesday, voting day.

According to the current head of state of that country and Republican candidate in the elections, this totally and easily changed the results in Pennsylvania and some other states, with minimal differences between the candidates.

He also stated that for long periods of time no one could observe. Bad things happened during those hours when legal transparency was not allowed. In a cruel way, the tractors blocked the doors and the windows were covered with thick cardboard so that the observers could not see inside the counting rooms. BAD THINGS HAPPENED INSIDE. BIG CHANGES WERE MADE! He denounced.

Finally, he stressed: People shouted: STOP THE COUNTING AND WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY (since legal observers were denied entry to the counting rooms)!

Democrat Joe Biden continues to lead the count against the current president of the United States In the key states of Nevada, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania, the latter the most coveted prize of the election that alone could tip the balance in its favor.

Meanwhile, in statements to the CNN chain, Rich fitzgerald, who oversees the count in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, explained this Saturday that the ballots that remain to be counted are the most difficult and, in many cases, must be examined manually to verify that they meet all the requirements, for so the count has been slowed down.

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