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Doctors are in need of doctors in Mumbai, health workers under mental stress – doctors in Mumbai are in need of doctors, health workers under mental stress


From April till now, Maharashtra health workers have taken to the streets many times with demands for their safety. For about 6 months, our doctors and nurses on continuous cavid duty are now becoming mental patients themselves. The Indian Medical Association-Maharashtra, which has 45,000 doctors in the state, has reported shocking figures.

According to IMA Maharashtra, 25% of ICU-physicians and intensivists on duty for serious Kovid patients are undergoing mental stress. According to the IMA, 40% of the resident doctors in the state are suffering from brain disease in the Kovid era. According to the association, 30% increase in alcohol and cigarette addiction among health workers due to Kovid stress.

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According to Dr. Avinash Bhondway, President of IMA Maharashtra, “The most important thing is that some doctors sometimes take a drink or cigarette because of their life style. But now due to stress, many doctors increase the amount of alcohol and cigarette smoking. This stress is more in the doctors who work in the ICU. This tension is also much more among the resident doctors. There are many doctors who have not even gone to their homes for the last six months! Can not meet their loved ones. There has been a lot of stress. Resident doctors are the victims of this. “

Hiding his identity, a senior doctor on Kovid duty told NDTV how one of his pregnant co-workers lost his child after the infection, and succumbed to mental stress. “This is an incident with my colleague, she was infected with Corona in the ninth month of pregnancy.” Unfortunately his child did not survive. She could not believe that her child is no longer in this world, it was a very difficult period and mentally she needed help, it took time to convince her that this incident can happen to anyone in such a time. It is not her fault, she can become a mother again. ”

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Hiding her identity, a Mumbai staff nurse told how Kovid is serving the patients, nurses are under stress and fear every day. “While working in Pandemic there is a 7-day quarantine period, but after that the symptoms show up or I can keep the chances of giving infection to someone at my house. I am very stressed by these thoughts. It is very challenging that while coming home from hospital and hospital, I am not infecting family members? Because of me they will not have any problem? Thinking all this, he is very afraid to go home. This worry and tension is still in our mind and it will continue till the corona is over. ”

Many big psychiatrists of Mumbai are telling how due to mental stress, now only doctors are resorting to doctors. Psychiatrist of Fortis Hospital, Srita Nair said, “The health status of the health worker has come under stress due to this Kovid. Anxiety and depression are common complaints. Stress has gained much more. Kovid’s anxiety, concern about family, concern about children have been found in them. As a psychiatrist, we are helping with medicine, psychological support, relaxation techniques. ”

Dr Santosh Bangar, a psychiatrist at the Global Hospital, says, “There has been a lot of work for frontline workers during this period, which has affected their mental condition. Such as sleeplessness, nervousness, anxiety, do not let yourself become a corona victim.” Go. For this, they resort to the doctor. They are taking the help of a psychiatrist, where the matter is serious, they are giving anti-anxiety medication. Some are complaining of depression and they are getting help from the anti depressant. “

Seeing people walking in masks without unlocking does not seem to fear the corona among these people, but listen to the pain of doctors and health workers posted on Kovid duty day and night, then perhaps you will understand the importance of social distancing and mask.

Failure to wear a mask can result in imprisonment for up to 5 years


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