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Do you know the name of this game which is seen in viral photos of children playing games?


Do you know the name of this game, which is seen in viral photos of children playing games?

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This black and white photo of children playing will remind you of your childhood days. This photo is becoming viral very fast on internet. Recently, an IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra posted this photo on his Twitter account, after which this photo is becoming viral on social media. On seeing this photo, people are refreshing their old memories and are making many comments on the photo. Also, the names of this game are also mentioned. Posting this photo on Twitter, IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra wrote, Do you remember this game? Can you name it? Let us know that a lot of children are playing together in this black and white photo and Dipanshu has asked to name the same game.

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Since posting the photo, Deepanshu Kabra has been receiving many comments and likes on Twitter. And, there has been a debate among some users about the name of this game. Everyone is mentioning and discussing the name of this game. Most people have called the name of this game Poshmpa. One user wrote that ‘The name of this game is Poshampa and I remember this whole poem very well so far’. So, at the same time, a user has written the entire poem in the comment section. So one user wrote, “Thank you sir! I last played this game 30 years ago. Today kids are very different from our times. Sometimes, I feel like I’m a thousand years old.”

What is Poshampa?

Poshampa is a popular and very old game, in which two children raise their hands together to make a gate. The rest of the children pass through the gate as they sing the poshampas song. After this, the two children close the gate after the song ends. The person trapped inside the gate is caught and in the end he loses.


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