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Dimple Kapadia New Movie Tenet Direction By Christopher Nolan – Dimple Kapadia bid to film Christopher Nolan, ‘I was hesitant at first’


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new Delhi. Veteran Bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia initially hesitated to be part of Christopher Nolan’s big film Tenet Movie. However, being a part of a big-budget Hollywood film has created a new sense of faith in him and his art.

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‘I have more positivity’

Dimple told IANS, ‘My work process is fear and nervousness. I don’t know how the process unfolds after this. ‘ He added, ‘My takeaway (after working in the film) is too much. It has completely changed my mental makeup. It has given me more confidence, I want to do better roles, do more work and instill more positivity in me. This has finally convinced me that Nolan has worked with him. It is a beautiful dream that has come true. ‘

‘Half the battle was won by him’

The film features Dimple as Priya, who is important to the story. His character emerges as a deadly figure, shattered with various shades of gray shades. The actress, who was searched by Raj Kapoor at the age of 14 and entered the film industry with the Bobby film in 1973, said it was cute (playing the gray shades). It was very cute, and the way it was written. It is so beautifully written that half the battle was won.

‘I was not comfortable’

Talking about Nolan, the 63-year-old star said, ‘I was hesitant to do the film, because I was not comfortable with myself and my abilities, but after doing Nolan’s film, I didn’t have to worry. Because he takes care of everything. ‘ The actress said, ‘I hope people will go to the theater and watch the film. It’s absolutely fantastic, the action sequences are awesome. The play has to be seen on the big screen. You can’t enjoy it on a pirated version or a small screen. ‘

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Tenet was originally scheduled to be released in July this year, but was postponed several times due to the ongoing epidemic. The film is now scheduled to release in India on 4 December.

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