Home Soccer DFB Vice: “Maybe Corona will bring us back to our senses”

DFB Vice: “Maybe Corona will bring us back to our senses”


Stuttgart (dpa) – The German Football Association (DFB) is hoping for a change of heart in the amateur area in view of the financial consequences of the Corona crisis.

“Clubs that pay significant player and trainer salaries are now in greater need,” said DFB Vice President Rainer Koch of the German Press Agency. “Professional footballers in the top division are not a good idea. Amateur football has become far too expensive in recent years and in some cases has become almost impossible to finance. Perhaps the corona virus will bring us all back to normal. Hopefully without bankruptcies. It would be desirable . “

The amateur sector is gradually starting up operations again in many federal states. “Amateur football has developed its strength in this crisis, which makes me confident,” said Koch: “But we all have to do something to ensure that it stays strong and that this crisis, which no one has chosen, survives.”

The mass de-registration of teams or members’ withdrawals feared in many places has so far largely failed to materialize. “In financial terms, however, our clubs were hit harder because, for example, they had to forego the lease of the host of their club home, which was also closed, or were unable to hold summer festivals and youth tournaments,” said Koch. “There were different solutions in the individual federal states, such as emergency aid or roughly doubled trainer flat rates. We have made a strong political commitment with our regional associations.”

The return to gaming and training is characterized by many uncertainties, and the danger of a new termination is omnipresent. One can only speak of normalcy again, “when a vaccine is found or appropriate medication is available,” said Koch. “This applies to amateur football as well as to our entire social life.”


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