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Dexter season 9 has found its big bad


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Last October, we learned that the Dexter series was going to make its comeback with a season 9. Moreover, we now know the name of the actor who will play the new enemy of Michael C. Hall.

Are you ready to meet Dexter, the famous serial killer played by Michael C. Hall? We’ve known for a few months now that the series was renewed for a season 9. Good news for fans who thought they were living forever with the Season 8 finale considered one of the worst of all time. Today we know the name of the actor who will play the big bad of this new season.

This is the actor Clancy brown. The latter is particularly known for having played Kurgan in the first Highlander, Captain Hadley in The Escapees, or Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok. Based on information from Variety, Clancy Brown will play the role of Kurt Caldwell, the unofficial mayor of the town where Dexter started his lumberjack career at the end of Season 8. He is described as a generous man who is appreciated by all but who is not worth it. not have as an enemy or hurt the people he loves. Did Dexter have killed one of his relatives?

As a reminder, Dexter season 9 will take place 10 years after the events of season 8 and will consist of 10 episodes. So, are you eager to witness the clash between Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown?

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