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Despite an exorbitant price, his new brand of Tequila is already out of stock


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It’s an old joke from the tech mogul that is behind his new stunt.

How far will Elon Musk go? In October 2018, the Tesla boss posted on his Twitter account the photo of a bottle bearing the Tesla logo, with the inscription “Teslaquila, 100% pure agave”.

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Vanilla, cinnamon and pepper

If he had registered the name of his brand with the American authority responsible for the control of registered trademarks, the whimsical billionaire had since not given any news of his famous drink and we believed more a good joke than anything else . Two years later, his valve has turned into a marketing stroke of genius.

The Tesla site has put on sale, this week, a bottle of high-end tequila, for the modest sum of 250 dollars (or 212 euros). The bottle keeps the logo of the automobile brand and it is indicated that the alcohol is aged in oak barrels imported from France, with a vanilla and dried fruit nose, balanced with notes of cinnamon and pepper.

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Available only across the Atlantic for now, the drink is already out of stock and this new move proves that Elon is definitely the ace of marketing.