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Delhi court dismissed jeweler bail plea who bought stolen ornaments – bail petition of jeweler who bought stolen jewelery rejected, court said


A Delhi court refused to grant bail to a jeweler accused of buying stolen jewelery. The court has said that due to bad intentions of some people, a large population is becoming a victim of loot, snatching and theft incidents. If jewelers do not buy jewelry cheaply, then those who steal, snatch or loot will not be fueled, but due to such jewelers, the incidents are increasing continuously.

The court of Additional Sessions Judge Sunil Chaudhary based in Karkardooma dismissed the bail plea of ​​the accused jeweler. The investigating officer of the case told the court that even before this, the jeweler’s bail petition has been rejected twice.

Seeing the amount found with the thief, the police flew to the senses, asked for the note count

The investigating officer said that it was found in the investigation that this jeweler had been buying jewelry cheaply from criminals for a long time. There are already many cases against him. However, this time he has been caught in the case of the recovery of the stolen gold ring, but after investigation, it was found that his main business is to buy stolen jewelry. He has opened a shop in north-east Delhi.

The investigating officer also told the court that the accused jeweler himself told that he used to buy stolen jewelery and strangled them, but this time the thief went to the police’s hand before he was strangled and the jeweler’s address where he had sold the ring Told the police.


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