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Deer Come Close To Woman To Listen Music Don’t Miss The Hilarious End See Viral Video


Viral Video: The girl was playing music, suddenly Deer stood back and then …

A video of Deer is becoming quite viral on social media, seeing this, you will also have a smile on your face. A girl was playing the harp, when the deer was passing from behind. Hearing the girl’s music, the deer stopped there and started listening to the music (Woman Plays Harp, Deer Stops To Listen). The deer came close to him from afar and started enjoying the music. This video has been shared on Twitter by a page called Welcome to Nature.

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In the above video, a girl is shown playing the musical instrument Veena in a park. Interestingly, a deer in the vicinity came towards him and stopped him to listen to music. The animal appeared enjoying the melodious music and was shown to be close to the girl. The girl got scared when she ran away in a while. He did not know that the deer is standing behind him.

See Viral Video:

The video was shared on Twitter on July 28, which has had more than 1 lakh views so far. Also, more than 9 thousand likes and 3 thousand re-tweets and comments have come.

The clip features Naomi SV playing the lady. She shared the original clip on her YouTube channel a few days ago. While sharing the video, he wrote in the caption, “A deer turned my harp session into a Disney movie.”


People like this video very much on Twitter. People have given such reactions …


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