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Dear countrymen! Raised voice on the murder of Jord Floyd, why silence on the deaths of Jayaraj and Benix?


Jayaraj and Benix.

Some of you may have heard, read these names. Some may have bothered to find and read about them. Finding out because these two names have not received as much attention in our media as they deserve.

Let us explain, Jayaraj and Benix of Sathankulam along with Thoothukudi died in police custody. It was Jayaraj’s fault that he kept his shop open till after 9 pm and Benix’s fault was that he had reached the police station behind his father.

Source: India Today

According to reports, the two were tortured by police. Both their knees were broken, both were anal raped, both their private parts were found to be completely injured. The government doctor declared them ‘fit’ for arrest, the magistrate ordered the two to be kept in custody even with injuries and the jail authorities put them in jail despite the bleeding wounds.

The News Minute According to the report, many eyewitnesses say that on Friday, June 19, Sathankulam police took Jayaraj to the police station to interrogate him on an issue. A few days ago, there was a quarrel between the police and some people near Jayaraj’s shop.

Benix arrived at the police station with his friend behind his father. After making Benix wait a while, the police called him in for questioning. When the police questioned the father’s assault, the police also beat him. Benix’s friend was not allowed in and was not allowed to see the two until June 20.

The police version of this incident is quite strange and raises many questions. Police say that both the father and son had disobeyed the order to close the shop and had threatened the police with abuse and death. Not only this, the FIR registered by the police against both of them said that both of them started returning to the ground, which caused them internal injury.

Eyewitnesses say the two were picked up at different times. Benix’s friends standing outside the police station say that they heard the police saying, “How dare you speak against us.” Eyewitnesses also say that police volunteers physically assaulted both of them.

The News Minute In a conversation with Jayaraj and Benix’s lawyer appealing for bail, Manimaran said that both were beaten so badly that they had to change 6 lungis.

Benix died at Kovilpatti Government Hospital on June 22 after complaining of chest pain and Jayaraj also breathed his last on the morning of June 23.

Significantly, in this whole case, only 2 sub-inspectors have been suspended. No FIR has been registered against the police department.

Can you imagine the horrible death of a man who was punished just for keeping the shop open and the horrible death of a son for going to the police station behind his father.

Now let’s talk about another incident.

Jord Floyd, Black Lives Matter, all these names you must have read in the past in your social media feeds, news app updates.

A policeman knelt on George Floyd’s neck and suffocated to death. It was only after this that the voices of Black Lives Matter became louder in many countries of the world including America. Millions of people took to the streets to demand justice for Floyd, disregarding the advice to maintain social distance due to Covid-19.

In India too, from celebs to ordinary citizens, a lot has been written on social media. Apartheid and racism started to be talked about again which is true, it must be.

Source: Al Jazeera

Both incidents point in the same direction, police vandalism. Where the cause of death of a person was the color of his body somewhere, in another case the cause of death is not known till now. While in one case the whole world raised its voice, we are all sitting in silence on the shocking death in police custody in our own country.

With the exception of a few celebs, most people are sitting in silence. Applause from the police brutal beating movies is sitting in a corner. This is not the first case of police brutality in your country and it will not be the last, as long as you and I remain silent. After being in trend for a few days, the names Jayaraj and Benix are also missing from Twitter today. Many celebs who advertised Fairness Cream had broken their silence on Floyd’s murder, but why is every department silent today on the deaths of Jayaraj and Benix?

A laughing family was ruined, this memory will remain in that family for generations but why is our democracy avoiding giving an FIR to this family, our media talking about police vandalism in prime time?

Think, talk, Jaydev and Benix will not be the last to understand this

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