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Daniel Kaluuya Speech in Oscars 2021 Made Mom and Sister Embarrassed – Oscar 2021: Daniel Kaluya said on winning the award – My parents made physical relations


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Mumbai. Daniel Kaluya has received the Oscar Award for Best Actor in Supporting Role at the Oscars 2021. The mother and sister in the audience were ashamed to hear the speech that Daniels, the actor of the film ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’, gave while winning the award. Daniel has played Fred Hampton in this movie, who is the leader of the Chicago Black Panther.

Speaking on the relationship of parents
Laura Drain, who won the Best Supporting Actress Award in 2020, won the Daniel Award. Speaking of accepting this, the actor said, ‘I want to thank my mother. You gave me everything. You gave me your factory settings so that I can stand on my best height. After this, Daniel also began to talk about bonding with his parents. The camera was focused towards Danielle’s mother sitting in the audition. His mother became confused on hearing the son’s speech. Daniel said, ‘This is incredible. My mother met my father, they made physical connections. this is fantastic. You know what i’m saying? I’m here, you know what I mean? I am happy that I am alive, today I am going to celebrate. ‘ The actor’s mother and her sister became embarrassed after hearing the comments about the physical relationship.

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Dhoom of the film ‘Nomadland’
The director of the film ‘Nomadland’, Chloe Chao, has been awarded the Best Director at the 93rd Oscar Awards. Chao is the second and first black and Asian woman from the Oscar Academy to win the award. This time, ‘Nomadland’ has won a total of three awards. These include Best Actress and Best Film Award besides Best Director. Best Supporting Actress has been awarded to Yu Jung Yoon for the film ‘Minari’. She is the first woman to win this award. The best actor award has been given to Anthony Hopkins of the film ‘The Father’.

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