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Cyber ​​attack on Haldiram hackers demanded Rs 7 lakh for capturing records


The country’s famous food and packaging company Haldiram has been cyber attacked. The hackers have asked for seven lakh rupees to capture the company’s records. In this case, a case has been filed on behalf of the company in police station Sector-58.

According to the complaint, the cyber criminals have deleted some of the company’s data, due to which the company has suffered a lot. The cybercriminals had sought extortion in return for the data.

ADCP Rannvijay Singh said that food and packaging company Haldiram has a corporate office in C-block of Sector-62, Noida. The company’s IT department operates from here. Aziz Khan, DGM of Haldiram Company, told the police that the virus was attacked on the night of July 12 and 13. The attack occurred on the server of the company’s corporate office in Sector-62. Due to this attack, data from the company’s marketing business to other departments disappeared and the data of many departments was also deleted.

According to the complaint, many of the company’s important files also disappeared. When this was revealed to the high officials of the company, an internal investigation was first conducted. After this, there was a chat between the company officials and the cyber attack criminals, while the cyber criminals demanded seven lakh rupees from the company. The police investigated their complaint and after getting the allegations correct in the investigation, a case has been registered in the Sector-58 police station and police is investigating the matter.


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