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Curfew could sign cinema theaters death sentence

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The health crisis had already severely affected the world of culture, and especially cinemas. With the curfew, it is another hard blow that falls on dark rooms. Indeed, while evening screenings represent more than half of cinema receipts, their ban could quite simply lead to the closure of certain rooms. To overcome this dangerous possibility, the Ministry of Culture has announced an aid plan of 115 million euros for live entertainment and cinema, while the government still refuses that the tickets can serve as an exemption to return later.

“The situation was worrying, now it is dramatic”

It was one catastrophe too many for cinemas: the curfew could spell the end for many of them. The obligation for everyone to be home at 9 p.m. is a tragedy for dark rooms, where almost half of the attendance takes place after the 7 p.m. sessions, according to investigation produced for the National Cinema Center (CNC) in 2019.

“We had only just managed to maintain a small attendance with films that found their audience. The situation was worrying, it is now dramatic ”, says to HuffPost Didier Lacourt, director of distribution and programming at Diaphana. From now on, the question arises whether or not to maintain the release of the films planned. Solutions are being created, however: in Paris, the MK2 circuit decided to open earlier in the morning, with a watchword: Arise with happiness. A slogan could not be clearer, which already has many followers. ” I just retired and want to enjoy it », Smiles this old man. A student explains, for his part: “ We can’t do much anymore, so I come early in the morning …

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A 115 million euros aid plan for culture

Following the announcements of the Prime Minister, who widened the curfew to other departments, the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, announced a government aid of 115 million euros to live shows and cinema. ” Everyone needs, we need culture, and maybe even more during this crisis which has affected our ability to come together She said at a press conference. “I salute the efforts made by the cultural professions to maintain the link with the public”, she continued, before promising that “The State will be at their side to overcome this crisis“.

Live entertainment will benefit from the majority of aid, since 85 million euros will be allocated to it, “To save the programming and allow playing, even with extremely restricted gauges“. 55 million will go to the musical show, including 3 million for the authors, when the theater will be allocated an additional 20 million euros and the emergency fund for artists and technicians not covered will reach 10 million euros. The tax exemption for shows is extended until 2021.

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The government had refused that show and cinema tickets could be used as an exemption from the curfew, despite requests made in this regard by professionals, but also by Roselyne Bachelot, Minister of Culture, herself. She explained in an interview with Parisian October 15: ” I am also the mediator between the world of culture and the government so that flexibility, if possible given the seriousness of the health crisis, can be implemented in the best way.No news has since been announced in this direction, suggesting that the project remained a dead letter.

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