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Crisis – end of the billion dollar boom: insecure transfer market opens


Leipzig (dpa) – New prices, lower salaries, smaller budgets: When the transfer window opens on July 1, doubts and uncertainty determine the market like never before.

The changeover phase will last until October 5, with a short break, and thus for as long as never before, but the billion-dollar slump of the past few years is likely to have ended. Even fixed-term deposit account kings like FC Bayern München exercise restraint.

“The transfer market will change. There is not a lot of liquidity, so there is no demand. But not the supply of players who want to change. That will adjust the prices,” said CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recently of the “Handelsblatt”. Five years ago, sales and sales in the Bundesliga had seen billions in sales for the first time. Last summer, the local clubs spent 926 million euros on new players, raising 656 million.

On the expenditure side, the mark of one billion would probably have fallen without Corona. But in the new situation, transfer fees of 100 million euros and more are apparently past for the time being. “I can’t imagine that so much money will be paid for a player in Germany or even Europe this season,” said Rummenigge.

With the preferred candidate Leroy Sané, the Bavarians find the new situation convenient. In addition, the international was injured for a long time with a serious cruciate ligament injury and has only one contract with Manchester City until 2021. Nevertheless, Bayern do not strike uncompromisingly. “I defend myself against it, even at 30 or 40 million, regardless of which player that would be peanuts or smaller sums in today’s world,” said board member Oliver Kahn. One should be well advised to exercise some caution.

A certain amount of pressure currently only results from clauses with deadlines. The best example of this is the move from national player Timo Werner from RB Leipzig to Chelsea for the fixed transfer fee of 53 million euros. It could be the only major transfer for a few weeks. “The transfer market will only really get going when the other big leagues are over. I expect everything to move backwards,” said sports director Markus Krösche.

The German Football Association followed the recommendation of the European Football Union on Monday and extended the opening hours. On July 1st, you can change for a day, especially to make transfers that have already been negotiated on this date finally perfect. After a two-week break, the market opens from July 15th to October 5th. Other national associations are likely to adopt similar regulations soon, but special routes are not excluded.

In the middle of the transfer window falls the final tournament of the Champions League. No new signings may be used at the games in Lisbon in August. But the situation with borrowed players is largely unclear. At Bayern, the personal details are Ivan Perisic, Coutinho and Alvaro Odriozola. Leipzig will definitely have to get by without Werner, but may hope for interventions by Patrik Schick (AS Roma) and Angelino (Manchester City).

Bayer Leverkusen’s managing director Rudi Völler has already made it clear that no player will let go before the end of the Europa League. Of course, this also applies to Kai Havertz, who is courted by many top clubs. Bayer still has to play its second leg against the Glasgow Rangers, but is almost certain to reach the quarter-finals after the 3-1 in the first encounter. Eintracht Frankfurt will face FC Basel (first leg 0: 3) without their players, whose contracts expire on June 30. The same applies to VfL Wolfsburg (Schachtjor Donezk / first leg 1: 2).

If the transfer market should start moving towards the end of August, the type of business will probably change. “It could be that there could be an increased exchange of players,” said Hoffenheim sports director Alexander Rosen. “Borrowing will increase.”

The professionals would have to cut back on salaries. “The salaries can hardly be increased, even for top players,” said Rummenigge. There will be cuts even at Bayern. “Many European clubs have announced that they will shut down their payroll. We will also be more careful with this.”


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