After being corona, the person ate raw onions and garlic in front of the camera, more than 10 million views Video

After eating corona, man ate raw onion and garlic, watch viral video

Coronavirus has affected millions of people worldwide. No one has suffered much from this disease, but it has affected a lot. There are many cases where people’s mouth test ended after being corona. After coming in the grip of this disease, they neither have the taste of food nor the aroma of anything. A man tried to show in the video how the mouth test ends after having coronavirus. He ate raw onions and garlic. But he did not feel any test at all. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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30-year-old Russell Donley drank raw onions, baby food, sardines (lemon fish) and lemon juice. The test of these mines is very strong. But, he did not feel the test at all. Independent Reports that Russell has posted a video of himself on the video-sharing app Tick Talk, where he finds himself eating these foods and feeling nothing, due to the loss of smell and taste caused by Kovid-19 Can be seen.

Our language is easily understood by the test of food, but due to being corona, Russell’s taste is over. To show him, he ate raw onions and many sharp things. Speaking to, Russell stated that he decided to make this video for his friends and others on TikTok. He told that his friends were finding it difficult to believe that he could not taste anything.

First they ate onions, but they did not taste any. Then he tasted lemon juice. He also did not get tested. At the end of his taste test, he ate a spoonful of garlic paste, but that too failed to taste. Finally, he says, “This is a very dangerous virus.”

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Russell’s video has now gone viral and has been viewed more than 17 million times. She is one of the patients who do not feel taste and smell during Kovid-19. Other symptoms of Kovid-19 include dry cough, fever and shortness of breath. The condition has mostly flu-like symptoms but lack of taste and smell, Kovid-19 being the typical symptom.

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