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15 Cosmetic Industry Secrets You Wish You Had Known Earlier


Cosmetics have been around since we could gaze at our reflection in a pool of water. And the industry has cashed in big on our vanity from Diamond covered fingernails to $2000 jars of face cream, big cosmetic companies know our weaknesses and its time to know the cosmetic industry secrets.

We want to live forever and look young doing so. Brands like Ponds and L’Oreal have long histories dating back as early as the 18th century. Cold creams and lavender soap were amongst the first products to be produced on a mass scale. So for 300 years now, the cosmetic industry has been trying to peddle formulas to those that value beauty with as much money as they can afford. These secrets of the cosmetic industry are what we hate and compel us to opt for organic structures.

What began as a kind of witchcraft has grown into one of the largest and most profitable industries on the planet and the market is growing exponentially each year. It’s estimated that by 2023 the global cosmetics industry will have a net worth of $800 billion. Skin care products alone will account for about $200 billion.

With all that being said how about we dive in and get a better look at the 15 Cosmetic Industry Secrets You Wish You Had Known Earlier. 

Cosmetic Industry Secrets

1. Top Grossing Cosmetic Company – OLAY

Cosmetic Industry Secrets -1

The highest earning cosmetic company in the world is OLAY. OLAY Consistently gets named as the top earner year after year by Forbes magazine with a net worth of over $11 billion. With a clever marketing campaign that embraces aging and positive image reinforcement, they stand out as number one considering it’s reasonable prices for skincare. It goes to show that if you can market at a drugstore or a grocery store people will buy it in droves.

2. Most Expensive Skin Cream ( $13,200)

Cosmetic Industry Secrets -2

The most expensive skin cream in the world costs around $13200 for a one-ounce jar. If you think this cosmetic industry secret is too much to handle you’d be amazed to know that some have paid the same amount for just an ounce of the skin cream created by Cle de Peau Beaute which is called La Creme. It was marketed through big cosmetics farm Chez Saito. Only three jars of La creme were created marking the 30th anniversary of Cle de Peau Beaute.

Of course, if you’re going to drop this match on a beauty product it better come in pretty packaging and this jar did not disappoint. Handcrafted by French glassmaker Christophe San Louis it features 30 layers of Cristal. You might be thinking the jar is too costly but as per Reuters American women spend almost $7 billion per year in beauty products. Considering the spend, this Jar seems considerable.

So what’s the real deal, the cream in the jar or the pretty packaging? Maybe you’re just paying for the status of having it. Let us know in comments. 

3. Qatar Royal Soap ( $3,800)

Cosmetic Industry Secrets - 3

Number third cosmetic industry secret is a soap which is infused with gold and diamond powder. A single bar of Qatar Royal Soap will set you back $3,800. Qatar Royal Soap is a family run business in Lebanon. This soap is created with pure gold dust olive oil and Virgin honey and is embedded with diamonds.

You don’t need to worry about the price tag though it’s only created for promotions and featured in luxury hotels and given to royal families.I wonder doesn’t washing your hands with diamond powder sound a bit painful? Or maybe it has an explaining effect? Who knows. Whatever it may be, this cosmetic industry secret is worth knowing.

4. White Diamond Manicure ($1 Million)

Cosmetic Industry Secrets - 4

In number four of our cosmetic industry secrets is Getting white diamond manicure that costs $1 million. Azature created a now-famous diamond lacquer that costs $1 million per bottle. The pretty little bottle is capped by a platinum cover set with 1400 diamonds. Each bottle also contains 98 carats of Azature white diamonds in it. Don’t want to break your fixed deposits, go for their Black Diamond manicure at only $250,000. These secrets of cosmetic industry only make me wonder what I may have invested my time in the wrong profession.


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