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Coronavrus: Oi Futuro launches digital platform with online collection from the Rio museum MUSEHUM


Oi Futuro announced today (29) the launch of the Online Collection MUSEHUM (Museum of Communications and Humanities). The digital platform gathers more than 3800 unpublished items from the collection, which includes historical photographs, objects and documents, and can be accessed through the dedicated website.

The idea is to expand access to the collection, in addition to preserving memory, creating new forms of interaction with the public beyond the physical space, causing new experiences with digital visitation trails, especially in times of pandemic, where museums and other cultural equipment follow closed to maintain social isolation.

Inaugurated in 2020, MUSEHUM is located in Rio de Janeiro, more precisely at the Oi Futuro Cultural Center, and is closed to visitors, however the digitization of its collection will allow the public from all over the country to access the collection at any time and place.

To develop the project, Oi Futuro was based on the research “Narratives for the Future of Museums”, a study carried out with the Brazilian public and made available in 2019. The research shows that 56% of Brazilians believe that technological tools combine with museums, and 64% say that what gives meaning to museums is the collection, because it is through it that we form emotional, historical, social and scientific connections that make us reflect on the present time.

Making museum collections available online is to preserve the culture and knowledge brought by each object. It is to make information reach as many people as possible. A significant part of the human trajectory over its territory is deposited in museums around the world, and this legacy needs to be available for research and reframing ”

Bruna Cruz, coordinator of MUSEHUM and museologist of Oi Futuro.

The collection has more than two thousand historical photographs, with secular images, showing the urban development of cities, day by day in several decades, showing the customs and communication in the cities, in addition to the first telephone directory, the cameras of several decades and the telegraph.

By taking MUSEHUM to the digital medium, Oi Futuro opens yet another channel of approximation between the collection and the public, which, invariably, is recognized in the stories, feelings and knowledge that these objects hold. The isolation scenario accelerated the digitization process and motivated us to create an online experience that is an expansion of the museum’s live experience, enabling a broader and more informative view of the collection ”

Roberto Guimarães, Oi Futuro’s executive culture manager.


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