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Coronavirus vaccine will be free for americans say US health officials covid-19 vaccine trials – Covid-19 vaccine to be given in US for free, but Trump’s critics fear it


People will get free doses if a cavid vaccine is made in America. (Symbolic picture)


US health officials say that if the vaccine of Kovid-19 is developed in the US and it is successful in the trial process then it will be given to every American citizen for free. Along with this, it has been assured that no agreement will be made on the safety of the vaccine. Senior Health Department officer Paul Mango told reporters on Thursday that “We are not bringing any reduction in the rules of investigation, we will test the vaccine on every criterion, only then it will be approved.”

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Let us know that there are currently six vaccine projects in the US. The Trump government has put in more than 10 billion dollars for this and has entered into agreements for the delivery of millions of doses after the vaccine is created. The government there will pay for the dose of the vaccine. Doctors and clinics applying for the vaccine will be paid for this but private and government insurance institutions will bear the cost of this.

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Paul Mango said that ‘most’ business insurance institutions will give their customers a discount on their pocket money. He said, ‘We are on track to deliver vaccine doses in lakhs by January 2021’. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), said he hoped that at least one of these six vaccine projects funded by the US would be ready by the end of the year.

However, critics of President Donald Trump fear that the Trump government may launch the vaccine in a hurry due to the elections in November. Presidential elections are to be held on 3 November in America. In such a situation, they are afraid that the government may compromise its safety in a hurry to bring the vaccine early. Mango dismissed the allegations and said that there is no compromise between the regulators for the making and trial of the vaccine and that it will be launched only after its safety is ensured.

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