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Corona positive patient dies on road after waiting for ambulance for 4 hours in Bengaluru


A disturbing case is coming to light from Bengaluru. A corona positive person died on the road in Hanuman Nagar area of ​​Bengaluru because the ambulance could not reach on time. The man’s body lay on the road for hours.

NDTV According to, the 55-year-old man had difficulty in breathing and was undergoing treatment at home. An ambulance was called on Friday when his health deteriorated. When the ambulance did not arrive for a long time, the family decided to take him to the hospital by auto. After getting out, his condition worsened and he stumbled and fell and died. The body remained lying on the road for hours due to non-arrival of the ambulance.

When the case came to light, an official of the Greater Bengaluru Municipal Corporation (BBMP) attributed it to communication failure and heavy rains. Bengaluru Municipal Commissioner Anil Kumar said that an inquiry will be ordered in this case soon and care will be taken to prevent such an incident from happening again.

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However, a few days ago, another similar case came to light in Bengaluru, where a 52-year-old man 18 hospitals Had refused to recruit and he had died. Notices are being sent to hospitals.

The number of corona cases in Bengaluru is increasing rapidly. Friday saw 994 new cases in the last 24 hours.

In Karnataka, a total of 18,016 cases have been reported so far and a total of 272 deaths have been reported.

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