Comedian actor Rajiv Nigam has lost his son. Rajiv’s birthday, his son Devaraj passed away on 8 November. The actor himself has given information about this. Rajiv shared a photo with his son and wrote, “Did you get a surprise birthday gift … My son Devraj left me today and went to cut henna birthday cake.” Does anyone give such a gift to Pagle?

Rajiv told 2 years ago that his son is ill and he is on ventilator. However, he did not mention the son’s illness. Please tell that in August this year, Rajiv’s father has died.

According to the news, he was shooting for the TV show ‘Har shakh pe owlu baita hai’ when his son was ill. Rajiv Nigam had also put his career at stake for the son. He left work to take care of his son and went to his home.

Comedian Sunil Pal also expressed grief over the demise of Rajiv’s son. While photographing Devraj and Rajiv Nigam, he wrote, “I am shocked to hear the news of dear friend Rajiv Nigam’s son Devraj leaving the world.”

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