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Cologne negative series – Heldt defends Gisdol: “It’s about the survival of the club”


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Cologne (dpa) – Sports director Horst Heldt from the Bundesliga soccer club 1. FC Köln has vigorously defended the adherence to coach Markus Gisdol despite 17 league games without a win.

“We are long past the status of short-term considerations,” said Heldt in the “Doppelpass” at Sport1: “Unfortunately, due to the special challenges of this time, we have to think a little bit further . Therefore the goal has to be to stay in the league permanently with little money. “

Among other things, one of the arguments in favor of Gisdol is “that we have to include more youth players in these times, for example. And for that you need a coach who likes to work with young players and who brings them forward”. In the preseason, FC often played in the starting line-up with Jan Thielmann (now 18), Noah Katterbach (19) and Ismail Jakobs (21) and have been successful in the meantime.

Werder Bremen is a role model for Heldt. “Last season a lot of people asked: When will Bremen finally kick Florian Kohfeldt out,” said Heldt: “In the end they made it, and now they had a good start. Why shouldn’t we go through that too? Why do I have to justify myself whether Gisdol is the right coach? I say: He’s the right coach because he does a good job. “

His personal close relationship with Gisdol does not play a role, the sports director assured. “If I were sure that it would be wrong to hold on to him, I would make the decision tomorrow,” said the 50-year-old: “I can’t allow myself to have emotional side effects in my job. And I haven’t had any for them in history confessed not to make any decisions. “

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